Tuesday, April 12, 2016

About Bee Nails

Bee-Nails’ electric nails (enails or e-nails) are changing how the world vaporizes prescription cannabis extracts. Bee-Nails is the world’s #1 enail set store because of superb customer service, after-sale service, lifetime warranties, co-branding opportunities, and of course, our Bee-autiful products. Our products are continually tested to ensure we offer the highest quality and most convenient dabbing process available. Whether you prefer to dab using a titanium nail, quartz nail, or ceramic nail, Bee-Nails offers sets to include your specific preference from a base enail to full set with nails, silicon mats, and glass rigs. Learn more and join the Colony by giving us a BUZZ at 844-Bee-Nail or contacting us at info@bee-nails.com!
Our Products:
Contact Bee-Nails:
116 N College Ave, Unit #3 
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone Number: 844-Bee-Nail (233-6245)
Email: info@bee-nails.com
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